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  • nICE 90L cooler mounted to truck bed of Toyota Tacoma truck using stainless steel IronFist base lock and StiffArm-16 locking bar.
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(22 customer reviews)


Patented & Made in AMERICA

(Fits 50+ Cooler Brands)

THE SET Includes:

  • 1 Stainless Steel IronFist™ Lock Base
  • 1 Stainless Steel StiffArm™ Locking Bar specific to your cooler brand and size
  • 1 Break-away Security Nut that stops even the worst of thieves
  • 60-day money-back GUARANTEE
  • Unlimited Peace of Mind!

(click HERE if you can’t find your cooler in the list)

For KEYED ALIKE write “keyed alike” in the comments at checkout if purchasing 2 IronFist™ Locking Bases.

This combo lockset can be installed anywhere you have access to drill one hole and tighten from below. Click here to see how it only takes 5 minutes to install your cooler lock.


Needing to lock your cooler with no bottom-access, click on our Detachable Adapter Plate to learn how. 

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Never worry about your cooler again with the strongest cooler lock on the market! Don't just keep honest people honest...keep a thief HONEST with DENY! Constructed of 304 stainless steel to be as durable as possible, your cooler will be kept safe. IT ONLY TAKES ONE LOCK! Normal cable locks can be cut easily with bolt cutters - not the DENY Lock. The easy-to-install cooler locking system protects your coolers from theft by locking them firmly into place. Whether on your truck, boat, or ATV, DENY's sturdy IronFist™ Lock Base easily mounts onto any vehicle and the rugged StiffArm™ Locking Bar prevents your cooler from going anywhere! DENY Locks have been thoroughly tested in military-grade facilities and intense real-life situations in order to ensure that thieves cannot overcome the IronFist™ Lock Base and StiffArm™ Locking Bar. The locks are able to withstand everything from harsh weather to off-road vibrations, meaning that your cooler will stay put during even the most intense situations. Yeti Lock Alternative, Cable Lock Alternative.NOTE If you think you need a longer stud than 1.125" Please request "longer Stud" in the Comments at checkout. IronFist Lock Base Dimensions: 3.5" L x 2.09" W x 2" H

All-In-One Set Includes:

22 reviews for THE SET

  1. pedrofox88

    I received an early prototype. I’ve had it mounted in the bed of my truck along with the Yeti cooler for about 4 months now. The cooler is still there after 4 months! It wouldn’t have made it a week without the Deny lock. Excellent product that keeps your Yeti safe in public and is very easy to remove and reinstall the chest from the lock. Thanks Jake and team!

  2. Joshua Simmons

    Product is very simple to install, and I have never seen anything more stout. I have a flatbed truck and everyone sees my cooler on the back buckled down with DENY so I know they won’t even try and take it. Keeps my cooler in place so I can get a drink when I need one!

  3. Chad Emehiser

    I have a flatbed truck with three Yeti coolers mounted in it…This is a huge target for “cooler thieves”!! I used to lock them with cable locks, which I guess is better than nothing, but I always worried. After meeting Jake at a show in AZ I bough three Deny locks…now I can rest assured that every time I have to leave my truck the Yeti’s will,still be there when I get back. Thank you Jake!’

  4. Leddy Foster (verified owner)

    Great product. Well made and solved a major problem for myself. I was able to use it for double duty in securing my Kayak on my truck rack with running the stiff arm through a pewag chain. Can’t recommend this enough if you spend time outdoors and love to have your cooler and ice ready at all times!

  5. Barry Stokes

    I just got back from a month long trip with my expensive Bison cooler in my boat. It was secured by my new Deny lock. It held firm the entire time and I’m now confident that no one is going to mess with my cooler while I’m in a restaurant or hotel. This is a great lock. Never seen anything like it.

  6. Sam Skaling (verified owner)

    I have been using my Deny LOCK and Yeti 45 on my flatbed of my truck for a month now. Plenty of bumpy roads hauling mules into the backcountry. Cooler is locked down and doesn’t move. Get out and go, no need to move the cooler from the back of the truck to the inside of the stock trailer. Great Product!!

  7. Sierra Leyva

    This lock is all that and MORE! After having two coolers stolen with other locks that said they provided protection, we found the DENY lock system and were hooked from the first time we put it on! My husband works in the oilfield and a cooler is a must. Having it inside the cab is not an option, due to all the tools needed for his job. The DENY lock has taken all our worries away. Such an amazing product and even better customer service! Timely and well informed responses and they even went out of their way to make sure our lock was outfitted correctly. My husband has now told all his friends about this product and will continue to do so to everyone he meets! Thank you for making our lives a lot less stressful!

  8. Evan Christiansen (verified owner)

    Holy crap is this thing amazing. Heavy duty and requires a air drill to install, which is fantastic. I never heard of deny until I saw a ad on Instagram and looked into it to. Then I got a orca 75 a few weeks ago. So I went back and fourth on buying it then I pulled the trigger ordered it. Where I live everyone has bolt cutters and is creative. So knowing I have a deny lock, I know my orca is locked down in the truck bed. I’m a college kid, I have to buy smart. So, I’m glad deny has my investment protected. My hats off to the inventors. Thank you deny for being the best cooler lock in the market.

  9. Evan Smith

    I’ve had my DENY setup for two years now and I love it! I was thinking about it earlier and I don’t have a single spec of rust in it at all and it gets thrown from my truck to the Polaris ranger SxS. Between hunting, fishing, concerts and tailgating, and riding off-road trails, I take my DENY lock everywhere!! My bar fits two of my coolers and it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made considering each cooler is almost $500. Well worth the money and very high quality!! Glad I was able to get set up and secure!!

  10. Steve

    Works amazing, easy to install, I never have to worry about my Yeti anymore, if they can get thru this lock they will have to take half my truck bed with them. Another cool “side effect” is that it keeps your cooler secure on bumpy roads, keeps it from bouncing all over kinda nice. I made a full review of the lock on my YouTube channel, link below.


  11. Steve H

    Amazing product, works perfect, easy to install, keeps me hunting/fishing and not thinking about the cooler in the back of the truck. Another cool “side effect” is that it keeps your cooler secure on bumpy roads, and keeps it from bouncing all around. Well thought out product, I made a full review of the lock on my YouTube channel, ling below check it out.


  12. Evan P

    Second deny lock I purchased for another cooler great product great customer service I ordered wrong size for my new cooler contacted them They had a new one sent in few days if you have a cooler you need this lock !!

  13. Nicholas

    Absolute best lock you can get for your yeti cooler, I got bought a long time sho and the lock messed up, got in contact with them on a Saturday and Monday afternoon I had a whole new lock in the mail box, best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Can’t recommend them enough

  14. Tyler G

    Great product! Super easy install.

  15. Brandon B

    Got my truck stolen this week , everything from that vehicle inside and in the bed was gone all except my 45q yeti. The thieves tried their best to take it but Deny Locks denied them and there for I am thankful I bought this product because even with a messed up truck my beers will be ice cold locked down to my truck bed and safe from thieves.

  16. Toni P

    Thanks for quick shipping and handling time. Item worked great!

  17. Stephen P

    Absolute Amazing Product, 2nd only to their customer service! I have a BBQ Trailer with a 100Qt Blue Cooler on it. I needed to keep it locked for obvious reasons, and they came through! And sent me some swag, and I bought a Cooler Lid Lock also! Shortly after getting the Lid Lock I lost the keys, while on vacation, in Texas! We were leaving that night and I needed access to the cooler to put food in it to take back to Florida with us! I had to cut it off! 😭 So I was able to salvage the lock end of it, and Deny is sending me a new shank for my Lid Lock! That is customer service at its finest! Period! Can’t be beat y’all, period!

  18. Jason B

    Does the job! Actually did such a good job that some meth head scratched up the side of my truck bed trying to get it out. Definitely need the stickers on it so they know it is locked (My kids peeled mine off).

  19. Grant S

    Great Lock Set-Up

    I built a cooler rack for my FJ-40 so I could haul my Yeti AND my kids. Before that it was just me and my Yeti. So tragic. Anyway, whilst wondering how to lock the cooler down I came across DENY’s product and decided it’s work and it does. The cooler rack has an expanded metal bottom and the “Stiff Arm” hold down drops perfectly through it. I kind of want to build another one so that I can buy another DENY locking system…

  20. Christopher P (verified owner)

    Cannot rave about this enough!!! A must have! My truck was stolen a week ago. It was recovered 2 day later, and my Yeti was still there! It’s nice to be able to keep my cooler in the bed and not worry about it being stolen! Way to go Deny!!!!

  21. James B (verified owner)

    What a great purchase! Very secure and don’t have to worry about throwing my ice chest in my truck anymore every time I stop somewhere. I recommend this product to every person I see with a cooler in the back of their truck.

  22. YourFake

    They are only selling one side… Kinda pointless without both. Be prepared to pay double to get what you need. The ratings that are actually posted are definitely from employees or fake accounts.

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