We asked Deny fans to tell us their cooler theft stories. Here’s what they shared.

“Took a trip to Port Aransas Texas with my dad, brother, and uncle.  Parked the truck in the parking lot and went on an 2day offshore trip.  We had a blast and came home with a full box of wahoo and yellowfin tuna!  Walking out to the truck after we made it back to the dock I noticed something was missing.  My heart sunk!  My Yeti 45 was stolen off the truck! I had that cooler for 6 years, it had been with me all over the country working on pipelines!  We looked all around the town, my cooler had all kinds of stickers from everywhere it would have been very noticeable.  Needless to say we never found it.  Now I have a DENY Lock and leave my cooler on the truck all the time like I did my old one, but now they cant get it! “

Mike L.

“Ive had 3 Yeti Coolers Stolen. I was not planning on buying another cooler just to let them cut the cable again.  Thankful I found DENY, now I bought another cooler and do not worry about it!  Almost a year I have had DENY on my truck, thieves go on to the next truck when they see DENY!”

Jacob H.

” Our son plays in a select baseball league.  We travel often and always have to have our Yeti with us, we keep snacks and drinks for the whole crew in there! We got complacent and thought we had made it past the YETI theft craze and got to keep ours…Needless to say we got hit!  After spending the money on a new Yeti, we knew there was no reason in having one without a DENY Lock.  Bottom line, I wont have a thief ruin our weekend again! “

Paul L.

“I work on the third floor of my building, I was loaded up one Friday to go out of town with my wife to do some mountain biking in Arkansas. I had both bikes and my Yeti in the back of my truck ready for an exciting weekend in the woods! Literally five minutes before I left I was walking back to my desk to pack my stuff up to leave and happen to be walking by the window and look down at my truck……just at that moment I see a sketchy truck back in next to mine…….. they were looking at my bikes, they were locked down…… but my yeti wasn’t ……I start running down the stairs and by the time I bounce out the bottom they are no where in site….. I pretty much know which way they went and jump in my truck and start heading that way…. I pull up to the intersection and roll through….. just then I see them pulling out of a neighborhood with my sea foam green yeti in the back!!!! I pull right up to there door and I’m looking the tweakers in the face…… they pull out of the neighborhood and I get caught up in traffic…. by the time I get turned around and back their way there is about a million places they could hide….. I loose them and my prized cooler that had gone on many adventures with me….. now it must spend its life in terrible hands but probably ended up at a pawn shop…. my only hope is that it found a new home that will treat it the way it should. “

Matt H.

“I thought I was safe by putting my YETI cooler inside the cab of my Chevy.  The thieves tried to pop the door lock and when they could not get in that way, bashed my window in and stole my YETI.  Now I have to buy a new cooler & rear window… I work in construction, so I have to have a cooler, Im buying a DENY for my new Yeti right now.”

Shonn B.

“While deer hunting on our deer lease in Smiley Tx, I killed a deer one morning. I got the deer back to camp, cleaned and quartered it and put it in an old Coleman cooler and loaded it down with ice. After we got done cleaning the deer, my dad and I decided to drive over to Nixon Tx to eat lunch, and while we were there we would load up on ice. I had a 125qt Yeti that was in the bed of my truck that we took with us to put the ice in. When we got to Nixon, we stopped at the El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant on Hwy 87. I had a lock and cable that I locked the cooler to the bed of the truck with when we went in and ate lunch. When we came back out about thirty minutes later, the cooler was gone. The cable had been cut!! Luckily I left the deer at camp in the Coleman cooler, or else it would have probably been stolen also.”

Scot M.

” We hunt public lands.  Never had a problem with theft. Just so happen the weekend we went and got a good deer, quartered up and ready to put in the Yeti!  Looked in the back and it was gone!  We almost lost the meat due to the heat on the way back to town to get another cooler and ice.  We have a DENY Lock now, and we also have our cooler!”

Erik F.

I used to have 3 Yeti coolers in my garage.  On weekends I have the garage up working on things. I never thought that someone driving by would be actually taking note of what they saw in my garage but they did.  I guess the Yeti coolers stuck out like a sore thumb.  We went to eat dinner and when we returned they had sprung the garage and got my coolers.  Now the only place I keep my cooler is in the back of my truck with my DENY Lock.  I leave the tailgate down just to see if they will come and try to steal it, no takers!!! “

Jerry S.

“My brother buddy Kyle had his Yeti stolen from the bed of his truck while locked with Yeti’s cable lock. We reported to local police but never saw his beloved Yeti again”

Griff. D.

“Went fishing for the day on the lake, left my 65qt in the back of the truck as I always do.  That evening we came back to the dock ready to fill the cooler up with Catfish we had caught, and it was gone.  I never had anything stolen from me like that before, what a gut punch!  My new cooler will have a DENY Lock!”

Art. H.

“I had Yeti for about a year. I usually kept in the cab of my truck or in the bed. But I would always park where I could see my truck if I went somewhere or go in the store nervously knowing my $300 cooler is sitting in the back of my truck with a puny cable lock. Well, I had left it in the back of my truck at my house and when I woke up the next morning, it was gone!”

Jackson G.

“I used to have my yeti in the bed of my truck. Living in Texas it’ quickly became something I used everyday from Deer season to going to the rivers or dove season. Then one day I got up before the sun getting ready to head to work, and I went to the store to buy water. That’s when I realized that it was gone. I had it locked down with the Yeti brand cable lock and when I went back to my house after work I found a piece of the cable in my driveway.”

Joe L.

“We were headed out to the sand dunes in southern California, and had my 16ft trailer with my Polaris RZR on it.  Yeti 45 in the back of my RZR as usual, tied down with ratchet straps.  I went inside to get ice for the cooler and in less than a minute they had stolen my Yeti while I went to get ice.  Wish id have known about Deny Locks, I would still have my cooler.

Jose G.

“I left my cooler in my work truck and it was chained down but still stolen!”

Dillon B.

“I was headed out of town for work and had a 2 day drive to Virginia. We stopped in Tennessee for one night. I thought my cooler would be ok cause it was packed in with everything else but the thieves got it out anyways. Very disappointed, ruined my trip.”

Carrol S.

“I was on vacation in Panama city Beach Florida had my cooler in the back of my truck, using the cable lock that yeti sells. What a joke!  They cut the cable an took my yeti 65! It Sucked”

Billy C.

” I think everyone I know had a Yeti stolen except for me.  Well they got me last week.  Now I have to buy another cooler, but wont be letting out of my sight without DENY locking it down!”

Laurence K.

” Sick to my stomach, my Yeti just got stolen at the gas station.  Ive been seeing Deny locks for almost a year.  I thought my cable lock would actually stop the thief… they cut it with hand cutters.  I now have a Deny Lock on my new cooler.”

Pete F.

“My Yeti got stolen at work, so I bought a cheaper Rtic, it got stolen, so I bought a cheaper one, it got stolen.  I saw DENY Lock and bought one, put it with my new Yeti, they have tried but cant steal it now! If you worry about your cooler use Deny”

Sonny M.