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  • DENY IronFist Lock Base
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CHANGING THE WAY THINGS ARE LOCKED!  The IronFist™ Locking Base is the heart of our brand. This unique anchoring point holds multiple US Patents. The IronFist mounts to your truck bed, boat, trailer, UTV, golfcart, or just about anywhere you want to lock something down. Our special design makes sure the locking mechanism is encased within the 304 Stainless Steel IronFist Base for full protection.

The IronFist™ Base can be paired with a number of DENY adapters, the most common being the cooler STIFFARM™ Locking Bar!

  • Comes with a breakaway nut to beat the worst of thieves!
  • Designed and tested to MIL-STD-810 G for off-road vibration, salt fog, and humidity durability
  • Only ONE lock needed!


IronFist Lock Base Dimensions: 3.5″ L x 2.09″ W x 2″ H

2 reviews for THE IRONFIST

  1. Scott

    The DENY IronFist lock base is the epitome of heavy duty. Wait until those cooler thieves try to beat this!

  2. Jared Stone

    This is a rock solid product! I have it mounted in my truck and can now feel completely at ease when my cooler is unattended. My family travels most weekends it seems for my son and daughters many youth sporting events. We always need to have cold drinks iced down to get us thru the heat. Now I don’t have to throw my ice chest up in the cab before I head up to the fields(pain in the A). Plus the one system works on both sizes of my Yeti’s. That was a major plus for me. All in all it’s a sweet system, easy to install, and looks pretty slick too!

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