How it Works


cooler security

  •   StiffArm™ Locking Bar hooks through cooler slot and locks into IronFist™ Lock Base
  •  100% stainless steel construction
  •  Base (304 stainless steel construction) anchors to truck bed, boat deck, UTV/ATVs, etc. permanently with a Break-Away Security Nut
  •  Fits premium coolers with tie-down slots.
  •  No shackles to cut.
  •  IronFist™ Lock Base houses an enclosed locking mechanism, protecting it from would-be thieves

How DENY Works

1 IronFist™ Base, 1 StiffArm™ Locking Bar, 1 Hole. DENY™

DENY is the first high-performance cooler lock designed to stop more than opportunists. DENY’s IronFist base anchors to the bed of your truck, deck of your boat, etc. The J-shaped DENY StiffArm shackle fits the slot on your cooler and then locks into the base.

Secured with DENY, you can now feel free to leave your cooler unattended without worrying about whether it will be there when you come back.