Detachable Base Plate PRE-ORDER


  • Allows the IronFist Base to be removed easily!
  • Perfect for boat decks, flatbeds, or any surface where you don’t have access to underneath.
  • Stainless Steel 304, American Made, and Tougher than Tough.
  • Quick Installation Video




The DENY IronFist has changed the way of locking things down. It all started with coolers, but now other accessories allow generators, tools, compressors, welders, vehicles, and more to be secured. Padlocks are a thing of the past – with Deny, you have a system a thief won’t cut!  The IronFist mounts to any surface, but the new detachable base plate allows the IronFist to be removed when needed.

The DENY system is PATENTED. If you wonder what is so different, read this article about the difference and engineering that went into a different way of locking.

Easy installation. Easy movement of gear or coolers. Peace of mind!