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DENY Lock Set For YETI Tundra Coolers

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Never worry about your cooler again with the strongest cooler lock on the market!

Dont just keep honest people honest…keep a Thief HONEST with DENY!

Constructed of 304 stainless steel to be as durable as possible, your cooler will be kept safe. IT ONLY TAKES ONE LOCK! Normal cable locks can be cut easily with bolt cutters – not the DENY Lock.

The easy-to-install cooler locking system protects your coolers from theft by locking them firmly into place. Whether on your truck, boat or ATV, DENY’s sturdy IronFist™ base easily mounts onto any vehicle and the rugged StiffArm™ locking shackle prevents your cooler from going anywhere!

DENY Locks have been thoroughly tested in military-grade facilities and intense real-life situations in order to ensure that thieves cannot overcome the IronFist Base™ and StiffArm™ Locking Bar.  The locks are able to withstand everything from harsh weather to off-road vibrations, meaning that your cooler will stay put during even the most intense situations.  Yeti Lock Alternative.

   All In One Set Includes:

1 review for THE SET FOR YETI

  1. Daniel Veliz

    Best locking system for your investment ever made.
    I have had kids try to steal my yeti and were unable to take it but let’s it hanging from my tail gate. With this locking system that can’t happen. My Yeti is always kept upright and in place. Even when I go off road at the Ranch. Great buy!

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