Stop Cooler Thieves ColdTM


Stop Cooler Thieves ColdTM



Easy to install

The ONLY lock that keeps THIEVES HONEST!

Mounts to: Truck Beds – Boat Decks – ATVs/UTVs – Jeeps –  Golf Carts & MORE

The most versatile lock and securement system PERIOD

Designed to withstand the harshest, most extreme conditions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about cooler theft prevention? We’ve answered some big ones below.

I don't see my cooler brand in the list.
If you do not see your cooler in the list on the Universal Lock Set, CLICK HERE and we will help you..
How many locks do I need?

Deny Locks is designed to secure your cooler with one IronFist Lock Base and one StiffArm Bar on one side of your cooler. Additional bases can be purchased if you want to move your cooler between your truck bed, boat deck, UTV/ATV, golf cart, etc. Or if you have different coolers for different events it just takes a StiffArm to fit the right cooler for the job.

What if I have multiple cooler sizes?

Deny Locks offers StiffArm bars to fit dozens of cooler brands.  Many of our customers have more than one StiffArm for different coolers and just one IronFist lock base. Visit our Shop page to select your cooler model and size to learn which StiffArm bar is sized for your cooler.

How do I install it?

It only takes one 3/8” hole and Breakaway Security Nut to permanently install the IronFist Base. For complete installation instructions, check out our Installation Instructions.

What happens if I need more keys or lose my keys?

Each DENY Lock system comes with a unique Proof of Purchase code inside the package. When you buy your Deny Lock, be sure to register your product so we can supply you with the correct set of keys in the event of loss or damage. If you wish to purchase another set of keys, click HERE.

Can the Deny Lock be cut or picked?

Deny Locks was purpose built and designed by engineers to prevent theft and keep the cooler safe and secured in place. Constructed from 100% 304 Stainless Steel, it cannot be broken with a thief’s most common tools of choice: bolt cutters or hammers.

What are the technical specs of the Deny Lock?

IronFist Base Dimensions: 2.09″ L x 3.5″ W x 2″ H

Stud length: 1 1/16”
Stud diameter: Standard 3/8” x 16 (threads)
Drilled hole size: 3/8”
Wrench Size Needed: Standard 3/4” Socket or Wrench

I need to uninstall my IronFist Base, can you tell me how?

You bet!  Just click HERE and we will help you out!

I have more than one brand of cooler & different sizes I use different occasions.

Deny Lock system is built for this.  If you have a small cooler you use for the week days…say a 35qt Yeti would use a SA-13 StiffArm Bar to engage into the IronFist.  On the weekends your going to the lake and need to take the BIG DADDY cooler….say a 210qt Yeti….then you would only need to buy an extra StiffArm bar $30 to use with that cooler…you do not need a whole set!  Still have questions….Check out this chart. CLICK HERE

Can't a thief just go under the bottom and unscrew the lock-nut?

We use a special stainless steel break-away security nut.  Once installed it acts as a washer and a nut, and leaves no way for the would be thief to loosen the unit! Below is a view of an installed security nut.

Do you have a discount code?

Yes we do! Click HERE and enter your email to get $50 off the purchase of a Deny Lock set!






“Took a trip to Port Aransas Texas with my dad, brother, and uncle. Parked the truck in the parking lot and went on an 2-day offshore trip. We had a blast and came home with a full box of wahoo and yellowfin tuna! Walking out to the truck after we made it back to the dock I noticed something was missing. My heart sunk! My Yeti 45 was stolen off the truck! I had that cooler for 6 years, it had been with me all over the country working on pipelines! We looked all around the town, my cooler had all kinds of stickers from everywhere it would have been very noticeable. Needless to say we never found it. Now I have a DENY Lock and leave my cooler on the truck all the time like I did my old one, but now they can’t get it! ”

Mike L.

“Went fishing for the day on the lake and left my 65qt in the back of the truck as I always do. That evening we came back to the dock ready to fill the cooler up with catfish we had caught, and it was gone. I have never had anything stolen from me like that before, what a gut punch! My new cooler will have a DENY Lock!”

Griff. D.

“I used to have 3 Yeti coolers in my garage. On weekends I have the garage up working on things. I never thought that someone driving by would be actually taking note of what they saw in my garage but they did. I guess the Yeti coolers stuck out like a sore thumb. We went to eat dinner and when we returned they had sprung the garage and got my coolers. Now the only place I keep my cooler is in the back of my truck with my DENY Lock. I leave the tailgate down just to see if they will come and try to steal it, no takers!”

Deny Nation Member

” We hunt public lands and have never had a problem with theft. Just so happens the weekend we went and got a good deer, quartered up and ready to put in the Yeti! Looked in the back and it was gone! We almost lost the meat due to the heat on the way back to town to get another cooler and ice. We have a DENY Lock now, and we also have our cooler!”

Erik F.