Stop Cooler Thieves Cold!™

The World’s ONLY Patented Cooler Locking System!

  Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction!

Mount it and leave it! It’s that Simple.

Easy to install. Mounts to truckbeds, boat decks, UTV’s, Jeeps, golf carts and more. The Most Versatile Lock and Securement System Period.

No more…

  • Stashing your cooler in the cab
  • Leaving someone to guard it
  • Hiding your cooler
  • Leaving your cooler at home
  • Moving it back and forth in fear

Gone are the day of pad locks. Round bars or cables are easy to cut and targets for thieves. Our lock systems are built of 304 Stainless, 3/8″ thick, and carefully engineered to out-do would be thieves.