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  • Need to secure your cooler somewhere you can’t access underneath?
  • Need to mount it, but be able to remove your IronFist from time to time?

This IronFist Base is packaged together with our Adapter Plate making it removable.

This set comes with all the security of the original IronFist, but adds more convenience.

This is particularly applicable on BOAT DECKS!

The Adapter plate is installed to your surface with no underneath access needed.

The StiffArm Cooler Bar and other accessories work with the Base just as they do with or without the adapter plate.

Kit includes:

  • A regular IronFist Locking Base.
  • An Adapter Plate allowing your IronFist to be moved or removed.
  • Screws to mount the adapter plate, allen wrench, and other necessary pieces.
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2 reviews for THE BOAT ADAPTOR KIT

  1. Lane Copelin

    I called and talked to someone at Deny about this option. I think it is really mostly used on boats, but I decided to try it out because I could remove the IronFirst if needed easily. I have it locked in place and it’s working really well.

  2. Simmons Justin

    This is a super awesome idea! I have a few a DENYLOCKs in my Polaris ranger and two in back of my truck with IRONFIST removable adapter plate. Now I can haul plywood sheets with my tailgate down and the lock not interfering. This tops it all as one of the most useful tools I’ve ever owned. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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