Ultimate Equipment Lock Set


Everything you need to lock it ALL up!


Set Includes:

  •  42″ Ultimate Security Chain
  • Deny IronFist Base
  • Chain Adaptor Or Chain Restraint
  • All hardware for mounting IronFist

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Ever looked in the back of a pickup at the D-rings?

Lets just say they aren’t made for locking…

If you take the biggest chain, and the best lock…and lock it to the D-ring…thieves will always go for the weak point!

The DENY IronFist base is a sturdy lock encased in 2.5lbs of Stainless Steel.

Coupled with our Chain Restraint or Chain/Cable Adapter and 42” of square-hardened through Ultimate security chain…thieves wont know what the hell to do!

We have all heard…”a lock keeps and honest person honest”…Well the DENY Ultimate Lock Set KEEPS A THIEF HONEST!

Lock up your generators, motorcycles, trailers, air compressors, spare tires…anything you’d rather keep then loose!


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