The DENY Lock was recently featured on https://www.bowhunting.com!

We ran into their team during the 2018 ATA trade show and spent some time chatting about the DENY Anchoring Cooler Lock system that truly Stops Cooler Thieves Cold!

Thieves go to great lengths to steal coolers because coolers are in high demand. But they won’t get past Deny Locks. – Bowhunting.com Staff

You can read more from the article here: https://www.bowhunting.com/blog/2018/01/11/deny-locks-eliminates-stolen-coolers/

DENY™ Inventor & Founder Jake Llewellyn  interviewed at #ATA2018



DENY™ Anchoring Cooler Lock

Use your cooler with confidence – knowing that it will be there when you get back!

During the 2018 ATA trade show,  DENY spent time showcasing our cooler locking products that are compatible with many popular cooler brands like ORCA, and YETI.

The DENY Lock was well received at the show! It is clear that the threat of cooler theft is approaching epidemic levels based on the conversations we had with fellow attendees during the show, and we are so glad that our product is keeping coolers safe in the wild already.


We had a great time at the show and are looking forward to next time!

Be sure to check out the product that we were showcasing at the trade show here: DENY Lock Set.

And don’t forget that we can always manufacture custom length StiffArm™ bars to lock your cooler of any size!