Custom Fit

Custom fit

Not finding a StiffArm Locking Bar that fits your cooler? Send us the pertinent information below on your cooler and we will make a custom StiffArm for just a $10.00 upcharge.

Deny Locks Cooler fit diagram

StiffArm Height

Please provide the following information so that we can make a custom StiffArm for your cooler.

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Measuring StiffArm

Here is how to determine what size StiffArm Locking Bar will fit your cooler:

  1. Place the cooler on a level surface. Open the lid of the cooler, exposing the actual chest height. This also exposes the tie-down slots in the flange areas.
  2. Measure the height of the chest from the ground to the top of the cooler chest (excluding lid) per the illustration.
  3. Record the dimension you determine and enter it into the information block titled “StiffArm Height”.