Salty Angler Ram Garcia locked down his cooler!

Pack truck. Head to water. Get fishing gear out. Leave truck. …leave cooler in truck?… How? For how long? Where? Who will see? Will someone steal it? Lug it to the front? Need to cover it up? Hide it? Forget it – lock it down with Deny Locks! Read...

DENY Roadtrip to West Texas

DENY LOCKS headed west. If you’ve read the Deny Lock story, you know that it all started in the South Texas Oilfields. While things are still happening there, there’s no doubt things have really heated up in West Texas – Odessa and further West. The...

The Awesomer Speaks For Itself

Check out the DENY Lock on www.theawesomer.com. They’ve got a little bit of everything to offer, but they don’t just show anything. The Awesomer finds the best of the best to showcase.