DENY LOCKS headed west. If you’ve read the Deny Lock story, you know that it all started in the South Texas Oilfields. While things are still happening there, there’s no doubt things have really heated up in West Texas – Odessa and further West.

The Deny Locks seem to be a fit for most anyone who spends any time outside from hunters, tailgaters, beach goers, and more BUT there is no doubt it makes sense for all of the folks in the oilfield. We often wonder if there’s a single truck out there that does NOT have a cooler. We’ve recently spent some time out West with our roadtrip rig showing off the cooler lock and passing out swag to the guys working out in the field.

Deny is also working with quite a few dealers in West Texas so that they can be picked up easily by people needing them. Contact us for more info on where to get yours.